Writing Prompt – What is in your character’s bag?

Over on the NaNoWriMo website, someone posted this question in our Regional Forum:

What is in your character’s bag/pocket?

We were told not to go into to detail as to why they have these items in their possession (to add an air of mystery), just to list them. I’ve decided to do my main character (MC), Elle.

Here it goes!

What's in Your Bag, Elle?

What’s in Your Bag, Elle? by elissakwrites featuring a tiffany & co pen

black leather Halston Hobo bag; black and white polka dotted mini wallet containing ID, black card, health insurance card, loose receipts, and $500 in cash (no spare change); phone; sunglasses; reading glasses; red lipstick; chapstick; eyeliner; mascara; compact with mirror; 2 packs of gum; keys with hot pink pepper spray keychain; half eaten chocolate bar; 2 empty bottles of water; iPod; headphones; mints; notebook; Tiffany pen; pen; hair clip; and brush.

The only thing that didn’t make it into the picture is the pepper spray. Here is one that is similar to the keychain that Elle carries. You can find it on safety girl.com.

1 copy

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Elle!


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