NaNo Survival Kit

This is it! We are counting down the last few hours before NaNoWriMo 2014 is upon us. I’m getting both excited and nervous!!!

Every year I try to put together a little NaNo survival kit for myself. It helps me stay organized and makes it a lot easier to attend the many write-ins that are offered throughout the month. I thought I’d share with y’all this year’s NaNo survival Kit.

NaNoWriMo 2014 Survival Kit

Everything is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll give a little info about each item.

1. Post-it Notes – I use these all of the time, but especially during NaNo. They are great to simply jot down an idea or make a few notes when you don’t have time to get out your computer of notebook. I find a million of these post-its in my purse at the end of November.

2. Lip Balm – November is when the weather starts to get a little chilly (and the stores crank up the heat), so my lips get so chapped. I carry two tubes of lip balm in my purse/bag at all times. Burt’s Bees is a favorite of mine, as is Lypsyl.

3. Notebooks in various sizes: Again, great for jotting down notes when your computer isn’t close by. They are also perfect to slip in your purse or bag.

4. Pencil/Pen: I like to carry both pencils and pens. Pens for when I’m writing notes and pencils for when I’m making notes in my reference books. My own books not library books, of course. :)

5. Laptop: I love my MacBook Air, but any laptop is extremely helpful. For all of my books and poetry I use the writing program, Scrivener. I LOVE it! It is great for organizing your characters, settings, ideas, and chapters. Scrivener is offering a free NaNo trial if you’d like to give it a try. It is available for both Macs and PCs. Plus, if you win NaNo, you get the program for 50% off! Super awesome!

6. Fingerless gloves: I don’t know about you, but my fingers get cold with all of that novel typing. The best thing I’ve found to help keep your fingers nice and toasty is a pair of fingerless gloves. They keep your hands warm, but let you fingers still do all the typing they want! Why not try crocheting yourself a pair. Check out this super cute and totally free pattern!

7. Candy: It is such an amazing thing that NaNo starts the day after Halloween! Candy is always a must have for NaNo, especially at the write-ins. It is always a fun time when all get hopped up on candy and then do word sprints!

8. iPod/MP3 player & headphones: Music is essential to my NaNo writing. I can’t write without music. If I have the time, I am going to add my novel playlist to my laptop and leave my iPod at home. But, I do like the option of having all of my songs ready for my writing. You never know when you might need to listen to a little Spice Girls to get the juices flowing.

9. Hand moisturizer: Similar to the lip balm, it helps with my chapped hands. Eucerin and Gold Bond Ultimate Healing are my two favorites. Of course, the fingerless gloves help too!

10. Granola Bars/Snacks: Much healthier than candy, but also extremely important. I always lose track of time and forget that I’ve been in a library or coffee shop for hours. Having a little snack helps keep the energy up.

11. Tea/Coffee: Seriously! How can any Wrimo get through the month of November without huge cups of tea and/or coffee? I am a huge tea drinker, so about a month ago I started stocking up on my Twinnings Earl Grey Tea in both decaf and regular (I’m really not supposed to drink too much caffeine, but I allow it during November). I’ll drink that while writing at home and then stop at the local coffee shop/eatery to pick up tea for my write-ins. I am pretty certain Twinnings stays in business because of me.

12. Bag: A must have to keep everything above in one place. I actually travel with two bags: my laptop case and another bag. I can never fit everything in one bag. Kudos to all of you who can. I just have too much STUFF!

So, that is my NaNo Survival Kit. Did I miss anything? How about you? Have you gotten together your NaNo survival kit?


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