NaNoWriMo – Week 2 Recap

It is almost to the end of week 2 of NaNo! Where has the time gone? Ugh!

I am happy to report that I am still on target. Well, actually a little ahead of my targeted word count which is always good. I am pushing to hit the halfway mark tonight! But, a little change in the story has caused me to scrap a lot of the first two chapters. No bueno!

This change makes a lot more sense to get my characters to London, where most of the story takes place. So as tough at it is to start over, it is completely necessary. It happened while I was in the midst of writing my third chapter. I had an epiphany and added a second murder to the story. I had a feeling one murder wasn’t enough for me. I like a high body count. :) So, I now have to go back and re-write chapters 1 & 2. That will be my goal tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. . . My local NaNo writing group is hosting an all day write-a-thon. We will be starting at a local restaurant for breakfast and then making our through the city to libraries, coffee shops, and finally ending up at a local hotel. Our group goal for the day is to reach 100,000 words! I’ve volunteered to give 10% of the goal. Yikes! So, my goal is to reach 10,000. That is the most words I will have ever written in one day. I’m excited, but also afraid that at the end of the day my eyes will be bugging out of my head!

I’ll be tweeting about the “Write-in-Motion” write-a-thon all day. To keep track of my progress and the group’s 100,000 goal follow me at elissakwrites. We might even assign a hashtag to go along with our write-in-motion day, but we don’t have one as of yet.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be one giant step closer to my 50,000 words! *Fingers crossed*


Chalkboard Mug

I’m so glad everyone is enjoying my word count mug updates. It has been fun updating it every night and getting to see my actual word count grow. As of today, I am a little over a thousand words away from hitting 20,000!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions about my chalkboard mug. I thought I’d take a few minutes to answer them here, in case you are wondering too.

1. Is that a real mug?

Yes. It is an actual mug, not an app or image I tweak every night. I wipe off the amount and re-write my new word count every day. I do take the picture in the same spot in my kitchen. The lighting seems to be pretty good there.

2. I love your mug. Where did you get it?

I got my mug at Michaels craft store. It was an impulse buy, actually. I noticed it on the way to the checkout line. There wasn’t a price on it, so when the cashier checked the price I was super excited to find out it was only $1.99! I couldn’t resist.

3. How do you get your writing so straight using chalk?

I don’t use a piece of chalk. I actually use a chalk pen, which might be the coolest invention ever!


It wasn’t easy to find, though. I looked at Office Depot, Staples, and Target, but I finally found mine at AC Moore. I’d love to get some different colors too. You can find one on Amazon for only $2.50.

I’ve had a hard time finding another chalkboard mug, especially one as cheap as I found mine. But there are a lot of DIY chalkboard mug tutorials floating around the web.


photo credit: Wit & Whistle

Here are a few that look really fun and easy:

Wit & Whistle


A Beautiful Mess

The Small Things

So there you go. However you decide to keep track of your word count, make it fun!

NaNoWrimo – Week 1 Recap

With the first week of NaNo almost in the books I thought I’d recap my word count, tell how the story is coming along, and give some random thoughts on this past week.

Word Count:

I am happy to report that I am still on track with my word count. It is currently 10,607. That makes me a tick higher than where I am supposed to be. That is very good news! Plus, I got my 10,000 word badge. :)

1 copy

I am a little anxious, though, because last year after the first week I was thousands of words ahead. But, knock on wood, every time I sit down to write the words just flow. I am not finding hitting my 1,667 daily word count a problem, so far.


I was really concerned when I started last week, because I had no idea where to begin. I had a very rough outline of what book 2 would be about, especially the murder, but no other ideas past that. The murder and a good part of the book will take place in London, England, so I had to figure out how to get my three MCs to London. That was the tricky part.

The first chapter and a half will set the stage for them to travel to London. I also introduced a new character. A childhood friend of my female MC. She has a few issues to work through, but she’ll be fun to write. I also have hinted at two more characters who will pop up later in the story. So, overall a pretty good start to the story.

Random Thoughts:

Write-ins are saving my butt and my word counts! If you are taking part in NaNo this year, seriously consider making as many write-ins as you can. I love my 2 cats, but they are extremely distracting when I sit down to write. They would much rather me pay attention to them then type on my computer. So getting out of the house to write has been very helpful.

I am so fortunate to have a super awesome region and regional MLs. If your region isn’t very active just get out of your house to write. Go to your local coffee shop or library. Believe me, it makes a TON of difference.

As I had hoped, writing book 2 is making book 1 a whole lot clearer to me. Book 1 is, for the most part, done, but it really needs quite a bit of re-writing and editing. As I am writing book 2, things are popping up that I need to address in book 1. Looks like this winter I’ll be re-writing books 1 & 2!

I have also been jotting down some ideas for books 3 & 4. I’m thinking I need to make a series storyboard to keep track of everything that is happening. I am getting confused as to what is happening in what book with which character.

This weekend should provide another great opportunity to get a jump on next week’s word count. I will be hitting at least three write-ins, including a bowl-a-thon/write-a-thon. I’m excited about that one!

Here’s to a very productive Week 2!

Instagram, Twitter, and NaNo

I’m happy to post that as of today I am actually a little ahead of my word count. Not bad for someone who works all day and has a part-time job on the weekends. I hope I can keep the momentum going past week 1, though.

I have been posting my daily and combined word counts on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. The links are below in case you would like to follow along.

Instagram: elissakwrites

Twitter: elissakwrites

Here was my post last night with my current word count.