After looking at some of the fun and interesting reading challenges this year, I decided to make one for myself that is geared towards my reading preferences. I combined a lot of different challenges into this one and fashioned it after Bethany House’s 2015 Reading Challenge.

2 copy

I am also joining two more challenges: Becky’s Book Reviews Genre Decades Reading Challenge and Christian Fiction Devourers’ Non-Fiction Challenge.

Becky’s Book Reviews‘ Genre Decades Reading Challenge I blogged about yesterday. You can read more about it, here.

Christian Fiction Devourers’ Non-Fiction Challenge is through Goodreads, but the gist is to read 10 non-fiction books this year. That will be no problem for me. I read a lot of non-fiction.

Follow along with my progress on the Challenge page above. I should be able to knock out multiple challenges with some of the books on my list. Sweet!

Are you joining any Reading Challenges this year? Are there any books you are just dying to read in 2015?


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