Weekly Goals – Weeks 2, 3 & 4

Proofreading its error

I am a few days behind on this week’s post. Last week was CRAZY! But since we only have two more weeks in January I am going to go ahead and make goals for the next 2 weeks. I’ll tick them off as they are completed and post updates on Fridays. I did finish two of my goals from last week: Start a new Scrivener template for first read through and Gather materials for story board. That is something.

I have switched gears and am working on prep work for the next two weeks instead of rewriting. I have ordered a really interesting book, The 90-Day Rewrite by Alan Watt, that I hope will get me all edited and ready for Beta Readers by the beginning of May. I’ll be starting the first edit read through on February 1!

Weekly Goals for Weeks 2, 3 & 4:


  • Finalize all character profiles, including secondary & minor characters (approx. 25)
  • Research male MC’s occupation and background
  • Finalize female MC playlist
  • Decide on the fate of two characters


  • Write descriptions for all of the settings (5 or 6)
  • Research mental institutions
  • Map out murder scene


  • Organize a new Scrivener template with folders for characters, settings, chapters, and research
  • Finish reading Writing the Fiction Series

It might not look like a lot, but I really do have quite a bit to accomplish in the next two weeks. Yikes! I am putting everything else on the back burner, like organizing my Twitter followers until after the editing process is done. I really need to focus on getting this book ready to be read in May.

I have also been researching covers, cover art, and book designers. Stay tuned for a post about what I have found. And I am trying to narrow down my book release date. I should have the date chosen soon!

Whew! That is all for now.


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