Monday Morning Update

This past week was quite a bit more productive than the last. I knocked off a few of my weekly goals, though I still have a few I didn’t finish, and got myself ready to start my biggest project yet: editing my novel!

Yesterday began the countdown for rewriting and editing my novel. I ordered a really great book from Amazon, The 90-day Novel by Alan Watt. It breaks down the editing process in 90 days, which I am hoping will make it a little easier to handle.

My first week of rewriting looks like this:


I finished day 1 yesterday, along with my first read through of chapter 1. I have an entire page of issues that need addressed in chapter 1. The bad news it is my shortest chapter! But, I am ready to tackle this thing and cut and rewrite whatever I have to.

As far as my reading goes, I finished Writing the Fiction Series. I’ll be posting an review on that probably next week.  I also started a new book from my Blogging for Books list, Billy Joel. You can probably figure out what it is about, or who it is about by the title. I love books about music and musicians, so I am enjoying finding out a lot more about the man behind some of my favorite songs.

Since it is the first of the month, I thought I’d update my reading challenges too.

1 8.15.52 AM

Elissa Kane Challenge 2/16

Genre Challenge 0/10

Non-Fiction Challenge 3/10

I’ve got another big week ahead of me. I’ll be plugging through week 1 of The 90-day Rewite and finishing my first read through. I’m just going to take a deep breath and dive right in!


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