Weekly Update: Still Editing

Proofreading its error

What I thought would be only one week of editing is now moving into its second week! I had a very busy weekend, plus throw in a migraine and much didn’t get accomplished.

I am happy to say that I have worked my way through the first two chapters in my novel, which doesn’t sound like much but they were really long chapters! Actually, all of my chapters are really long. One of the things I’ve been doing is breaking the chapters up into smaller chapters. When I started editing last week I had twelve really long chapters, now, after reading through only the first two chapters, I have six smaller chapters. At this rate I’ll be doubling them up, so I’ll probably end up with around 24 smaller chapters.

I also have a laundry list of problems that need to be fixed or cut. Right now I am just going through the book and making notes. I am using Scrivener (which I absolutely love) and there is a note button that has become very handy. I have also color coded my problems. So far, I have used purple for added text, yellow for my notes, blue for things I need to research, and pink for text that might be cut. It is working really well.

So, that is where I stand as of today. I am hoping to get through another few chapters this week and then finish editing by next week. This weekend is going to be busy as well. I am going to a gun class to learn to shoot a gun. Researching for this book can be a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Still Editing

  1. I wish I could do what you’re doing. My novel is nowhere near finished but it also needs a lot of editing. It consists of a bunch of scenes that need to be tied together and rearranged. I’d love to try Scrivener, I’ve heard good things about it. I wonder if there is a trial version.

    1. I never thought this editing process would be this tough. Whew! There is a 30 day free trial version of Scrivener for both Mac and PC. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/trial.php
      Since you have a bunch of scenes that need to be rearranged, Scrivener might just be what you need. I’d give it a try. Some of my writing friends love it, while others hate how structured it is. I need the structure. :)

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