I think I’ve lost my mojo

For the past few weeks I just haven’t had the energy (or drive) to really do any writing. I didn’t touch my book at all last week, and even this week I’m just not too enthused to do anything with it. That goes double for blogging.

So, how do I get my writing mojo back?

I’m going to go back to my roots: Poetry!

I fell in love with poetry in high school and started writing my own poems around the 10th grade. I wrote throughout high school and college, but then stopped. I’m not really sure why, but I think it is time to get back to it.

I was so excited to see the Writing 201: Poetry class offered through Blogging U. on WordPress. I haven’t been following the prompts, due to my lack of writing lately, so I am going to be a week or more behind everyone else. But, I’ll post my poems with the prompts as I finish them.

I am also starting an online Scrivener class this week. It is a Scrivener 101 course offered by Gwen Hernandez. I’m really looking forward to getting into the crux of what Scrivener can do to help me better organize my books.

So, long story short, I’m thinking of stepping away from my book for a week, or so, and focusing on some other things: poetry, crafts, some early spring cleaning. Maybe this will help clear my mind and help me get back into editing and rewriting my book.


21 thoughts on “I think I’ve lost my mojo

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    That is what I do as well. Poetry forces me to connect stronger with my words and thus with writing. It is always a great fall back plan for reconnecting with your “roots” as you say. Best of luck and with the book. -OM
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  2. Oh I’ve been there. I went through a long season of no mojo. I stopped writing, playing music, and exercising. I basically quit all of the things that make me feel alive. It’s a tough thing to get back but I’ve been slowly bringing those things back into my life. Just know that we all go through this :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! It is nice to hear I am not alone. :) Glad to hear you are bringing the things you love back into your life. Music always helps me. I’ve got playlists for all of my characters and novels.

  3. I also lost my mojo…so I just got back on the wagon today and posted whatever I could. Sometimes it’s just about getting back on the horse, i’ve learned!

  4. Sometimes it is smaller achievable goals which bring your mojo back – or just to be absorbed in the arts, books, music, whatever, for a while – receive rather than give and it will all come flooding back!

    1. Absolutely! I have been listening to a lot of music lately, am going to get back to my crochet, and reading. Hopefully these things will clear my head and spark my creativity again. Thanks so much!

  5. Its good to step back from time to time, putting yourself into something different. When you’re ready to return to your major project you’ll have a renewed sense of things and a new set of thoughts, ideas and fresh eyes on the project. Best of luck to you! :D

  6. I’ve been having a long dry spell myself, much longer than yours, here’s to the both of us! ;-)
    Going back to your roots I believe is the best idea! I can’t get enough of poetry.

  7. Been feeling that way for several weeks. Discovered two days ago I was coming down with the “creepy cruds” so I put everything away and am trying to feel better. Normally if I get writing blockage, I start using art to stimulate, and reading the books of others for inspiration. It will come back, don’t worry!

  8. Good luck! I also wrote poetry in high school. In fact, it was because of the good grades I got on those assignments (and lack of interest in nearly every other subject) that I ever considered a career in writing.

    1. My English class along with Chorus were the only classes I loved in school. It is perfect now that I am writing my first book about a rock star. :) I love to hear that someone is doing what they love. Congrats!

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