Getting my writing mojo back

For the past several months I just haven’t had the energy (or drive) to really do anything, let alone write. I’ve had quite a rough start to 2017, including having to put to sleep my cat of 13 years. It has been a chore to really accomplish anything lately.

After doing a ton of research over Christmas break I really haven’t touched my book at all this year.  That goes double for blogging. So, how do I get my writing mojo back?

Well, late last year I decided I was going to focus 100% of my time on my time-travel book and publish it at the end of the year. But after giving it a lot of thought I decided that it would be better for me to really make the push to get my mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, done. My time travel book spans 300+ years and really requires a lot of research. My mystery is pretty cut and dry.

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Inspiration for my novel, A Deadly Melody

piano copy

Music awakens so much imagination in me. I can hear a song on the radio or shuffled on my iPod and get transformed, even if for only a few minutes, to a completely different place and time. I love that about music! I think that is why music is so prevalent in all of my books, especially in my new mystery/suspense series.

A little about A Deadly Melody, book 1 in my four book series:

A Deadly Melody tells the story of Elle, the lead singer of the mega-successful rock band, ellemore. She, along with her four best friends, formed ellemore in high school and have been rocking together ever since. On the evening of the recording of their new album the band is ambushed and murdered, leaving Elle as the only survivor. Since the murders, Elle has dealt with the grief of losing her friends, her career, and her sanity. She continues to have flashbacks of that night and the murders, including a shadowy figure hidden in the woods that she believes to be the real killer.

Now three years later, Elle must return to the town of the murders to find out what really happened that night. Will she seek the truth about her friends’ murders, or will the shadowy figure claim her life too?

I’m contemplating naming the series, the Fallen Rock Star Series, since Elle is often reminded just how far her star has fallen in the three years since the murders.

Concrete Blonde, one of my FAVORITE bands, has the perfect song about a fallen celebrity. “Jenny I Read” is a pretty dark song, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. It actually might be my favorite of all of their songs, definitely my favorite off of their Mexican Moon album. And this live version is amazing! It really tells the story of Elle.