Weekly Goals – Weeks 2, 3 & 4

Proofreading its error

I am a few days behind on this week’s post. Last week was CRAZY! But since we only have two more weeks in January I am going to go ahead and make goals for the next 2 weeks. I’ll tick them off as they are completed and post updates on Fridays. I did finish two of my goals from last week: Start a new Scrivener template for first read through and Gather materials for story board. That is something.

I have switched gears and am working on prep work for the next two weeks instead of rewriting. I have ordered a really interesting book, The 90-Day Rewrite by Alan Watt, that I hope will get me all edited and ready for Beta Readers by the beginning of May. I’ll be starting the first edit read through on February 1!

Weekly Goals for Weeks 2, 3 & 4:


  • Finalize all character profiles, including secondary & minor characters (approx. 25)
  • Research male MC’s occupation and background
  • Finalize female MC playlist
  • Decide on the fate of two characters


  • Write descriptions for all of the settings (5 or 6)
  • Research mental institutions
  • Map out murder scene


  • Organize a new Scrivener template with folders for characters, settings, chapters, and research
  • Finish reading Writing the Fiction Series

It might not look like a lot, but I really do have quite a bit to accomplish in the next two weeks. Yikes! I am putting everything else on the back burner, like organizing my Twitter followers until after the editing process is done. I really need to focus on getting this book ready to be read in May.

I have also been researching covers, cover art, and book designers. Stay tuned for a post about what I have found. And I am trying to narrow down my book release date. I should have the date chosen soon!

Whew! That is all for now.


NaNo prepping – Plot Board

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In prep for NaNoWriMo next week I’ve been trying to get in as much research as possible, while finalizing my settings and plot ideas. It has been a very busy October!

I was happy to have located my plot board from last year. I’ll just need to update it with the book #2 info.


This helped immensely last year. It is basically an outline on a poster board. Click here for more info on plot boards. I’m so happy for my local NaNo writing group. They have put the fire under my bum that I needed to get this stuff done.

My kitty, Daphne enjoyed looking at it too. She kept rubbing up against it and knocking it on the floor, which is why it is now tacked to the wall. :)


I am also frantically trying to finish all of my research this weekend, but it is pretty tough with my weekend holiday job. :(

One of the books I’m currently reading Cause of Death: A Writer’s Guide to Death, Murder, and Forensic Medicine. It is part of The Howdunit Series from Writer’s Digest. If you are a mystery writer, this series is a must have. I own two of the books from the series (you can sort of see them on my writing bookshelf in the picture above): Deadly Doses: A Writer’s Guide to Poisons, and Amateur Detectives:A Writer’s Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases. I’m hoping to eventually get all of the books (I think there are 17 in all).

This book is a little gruesome, but very interesting. My series has a very high body count, so learning about the various methods of trying to save someone (and not saving someone) has been very helpful. I just love being a mystery writer!

NaNo 2014 Prepping – Week 3

It is that time of the year again. NaNo season is almost upon us! So for the next few weeks I’ll be prepping and planning my 2014 NaNo project. This year’s project is book #2 of my Fallen Rockstar Series titled, Fatal Aria.

Let’s see if I can finish the following prep work this week:

  • Research the Opera and Opera singers
  • Work on my new character profiles
  • Attend a local plotting workshop
  • Set up a new Scrivener template for book #2
  • Start to put together book playlist

I did finish a very simple cover design for the new 2014 NaNoWrimo “my novel” page.

fatal aria copyI also put together a little blurb about the new novel:

Fatal Aria follows former rockstar, Elle Bowman; police detective, Alastair (Al) Collins; and limo driver, Joe Mangello to London as they investigate the mysterious death of London’s famous opera singer, Gemma Stanton. While it seems like a random death, the position of the body reminds Al of another case he worked a few years ago, his wife’s murder. Could this be a coincidence, or is Miss Stanton’s death linked to the death of Al’s wife, Kathryn?

It is a start. Now off to prepping!!!

A Change of Plans – Prepping for NaNo


I feel like I have been running around in circles these last few months. I’ve been busy writing and editing, but getting absolutely nowhere. So, I have decided to change it up a little.

I’ve been reading Writing the Fiction Series by Karen S. Wiesner and have been learning quite a bit about writing a series, including how long to wait in between books. While the author says she is willing to wait as long as needed for the next book in a series, I have read elsewhere that series books should be released about 6 months apart. I’m leaning towards them being released closer together, so I am switching gears and starting Book 2 now.

Book 2 is my NaNoWriMo novel this year, so I am starting to plan and plot my story. Since Book 1 is, for the most part, written, I’m hoping the planning for Book 2 won’t take too long. Just a few new characters and the next part of the story and I am good to go!

So, for the next 7 weeks, I can’t believe NaNo starts in 7 weeks, my goals are as follows:

  • Synopsis of Book 2
  • Complete outlines of Books 1 & 2
  • Character profiles for new characters in Book 2
  • Research Los Angeles
  • Research mental institutions
  • Research fires

That is what I have as of today, but I am sure there will be more added as I start to work on this new book.

Are you completely lost with all of this NaNoWriMo talk? Well, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNo as many of us call it), a free fiction writing challenge. The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month, with the challenge running from November 1–30. Your novel must be fiction, although you can write nonfiction as a NaNo rebel. It also doesn’t have to be perfect. It is basically your rough first draft. And, it is a TON of fun! I joined a local NaNo writing group and we have weekly (daily during Nov.) write-ins, workshops, and get-togethers that makes it all the more fun!

How about you? Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, are you planning or pantsing? Read more about planners and pantsers, here. I wish I could be a pantser, but that just isn’t my style!